Aluminum Cladding

We provide and install aluminum cladding products to projects right across Ontario. We offer Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) cladding for malls, building facades, shop fronts, office spaces, and interiors fit-outs. We use fire-rated panels conforming to industry requirements and ensure a smooth exterior finish without any imperfections.

ALPOLIC, ALUCOBOND, LARSON ALUCOIL, AND ALFREX panels are the standard brands of sheets we use for our fabrication unless specified by the customer. ACP is a panel where a non-aluminum core binds dual aluminum sheets. ACP cladding or Aluminium Cladding is mainly used for making surface cladding for buildings. The range of finishes allows architects various design options and provides a product that protects from the elements while enhancing the exterior look of multiple buildings, including hotels, medical facilities, schools, or retail buildings.

Profiled Steel Cladding

We provide and install profiled roofing and cladding panels. We work with renowned local profiled metal cladding manufacturers. In order to protect the exterior of the building, cladding has become a popular choice among building owners. Exterior cladding protects the building from harsh Canadian weather conditions and reduces costs associated with maintenance. Cladding materials come in various forms, with metal cladding being the top choice among homeowners and commercial business owners.

Knowing the various advantages of metal cladding can help in choosing the right product. With high durability, versatility, easy installation, and affordability, metal claddings are worth considering.

Fibre Cement Cladding

The right kind of cladding can make any building stand out. Whether limited to specific portions or applied to the entire exterior structure, fibre cement cladding is quickly becoming the preferred solution to enhance modern buildings.

Some of the advantages of fibre cement cladding include longer shelf life, versatility in style, fireproof, minimal maintenance, quick and tidy installation, all while emulating an organic look.